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What is a Dental Implant?

People may suffer tooth loss due to different reasons such as decay, various gum diseases or accidents. For years, there was no alternative to the choice of dentures and bridges offered for those with missing teeth. Today, thanks to the state-of-the-art devices and products we use in our clinic, there are many methods, especially dental implants. Of these, the dental implant is an artificial root that looks like your natural tooth, is fixed or can be removed when desired and placed in the jawbone. Screws made of titanium placed in the jawbone, which acts as a tooth root for the new tooth to be made instead of missing tooth, are called dental implants.

At our clinic in Turkey, dental implant prices are offered with the highest quality titanium implants starting from £325. These implants are hypoallergenic and completely biocompatible. We know that many patients who want to have implant treatment are afraid of this procedure, but we ensure that they will not experience any problems and pain during or after the operation.

Thanks to the dental implant, you will have very durable and strong, steady teeth with an excellent aesthetic appearance. In addition, you will be able to speak fluently, eat comfortably, increase your self-confidence and increase your oral hygiene without worrying that your teeth may slip.

What are the Stages of Implant Treatment?

Implant treatments consist of 2 stages. These are:

1) Implant placement phase: After placing implants in the jaw bone, the recovery time can take approximately 3-4 months. During this period, we can temporarily produce prosthetic teeth for the relevant teeth.

2) Prosthesis phase: At this stage, ceramic crown teeth or bridges as the case may be are placed on the implants. Stability of the implant tooth depends on your request.

In the second stage, prosthesis, techniques are available to complete the treatment without waiting for the implants to heal. In order to apply these techniques, the condition, volume and bone of the jaw bones should be strong enough to receive the implants. In cases where bone volume is not sufficient, bone graft techniques should be increased and the procedure should be performed.
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